Artistic Names | Popular Baby names inspired by artists 2023

Explore a diverse collection of artistic names for boys that exude creativity and individuality. From strong and bold choices to poetic and dreamy opti

ons, find the perfect name that reflects yourArtistic Names son’s unique personality. Discover a world of artistic inspiration and let your child’s name become a work of art. Unleash their creative potential and set them apart with a name that captures their artistic spirit. Choose from a curated selection of artistic names for boys and create a lasting impression that resonates with their artistic journey.

Artistic names for boy

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Abbott Father Male English
Ace One who excels Male English
Aiden Little Fire Male Celtic
Akio Bright Man Male Japanese
Alaric Ruler of All Male Germanic
Alden Old Friend Male English
Amadeo God’s Love Male Latin
Ambrose Immortal Male Greek
Ansel Divine Protection Male Germanic
Apollo God of Music Male Greek
Archer Bowman Male English
Armando Army Man Male Spanish
Arrow Projectile Male English
Arturo Noble Male Spanish
Asher Happy Male Hebrew
Atlas Enduring Male Greek
Auden Old Friend Male English
August Great Male Latin
Aurelio Golden Male Latin
Axel Father of Peace Male Hebrew
Beckett Beehive Male English
Beckham Homestead Male English
Bennett Blessed Male English
Blaise Stutterer Male French
Blake Dark-haired Male English
Blaze Flame Male English
Bodhi Enlightenment Male Sanskrit
Bowie Yellow-Haired Male scottish
Caden Spirit of Battle Male Irish
Cairo Victorious Male Arabic
Caius Rejoice Male Latin
Calder Rough Waters Male scottish
Callum Dove Male scottish
Camden Winding Valley Male English
Canyon Deep Valley Male English
Casper Treasurer Male Persian
Caspian Of the Caspian Sea Male Persian
Cassius Vain Male Latin
Cedric Kind Ruler Male Celtic
Cesar Hairy Male Latin
Cian Ancient Male Irish

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