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In this post, I will tell you about the name ‘Rahul’. What are the Rahul name meaning, Origin, Gender, Religious status, Rashi, Numerology, Popularity, Trending Status, Pronunciation and many more. To know these please read the post properly.

Rahul name meaning
Rahul name meaning

Rahul name meaning in English



Meaning Conqueror of all miseries” or “Efficient” in Sanskrit Language.
Origin  Sanskrit, one of the oldest Indian language
Gender  Typically male, but  it can be used for females as well.
Religion  Commonly used in Hinduism.
Rashi (Zodiac Sign)  It depends on the individual’s birthdate. Different sources might assign different Rashi for the name Rahul.
Numerology  The name Rahul is associated with certain numerological meanings. For example, in numerology, “Rahul” might correspond to a particular number, carrying its own significance.
Symbolism  Rahul may carry symbolic meanings within Hindu culture or in some other culture.
Famous Namesakes There are many persons having the name Rahul, such as Rahul Gandhi (a prominent Indian politician).
Popularity  Rahul is a very popular name in India and among Indian communities where they live worldwide.
Trending  Rahul has been a consistently popular name over the years, so it might not be considered “trending” in the sense of suddenly gaining popularity.
Variations The name Rahul found in different regions, religions and cultures. But it is commonly found among the Indian Hinduism.
Pronunciation  Rah-ool (with stress on the first syllable “Rah”).
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