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Apeksha name meaning and other details

In this post, I shall inform you about the name Apeksha and it’s meaning, gender, religious status, rashi, numerology, popularity, trending status, pronunciation, and many other details of the name Apeksha.

Also you may know Apeksha name meaning in some other Indian languages. Please go through this post to the end to get this information. The name ‘Apeksha‘ is typically associated with Indian women.

Apeksha name meaning
Apeksha name meaning


Meaning “Expectation,” “Hope,” and “Desire” in ancient Indian language (Sanskrit).
Apeksha name meaning in Bengali is ‘to wait or waiting for someone’
Origin  Sanskrit, one of the ancient Indian language
Gender  Mostly used for Females, males are not seen bearing this name.
Religion Often used in Hindu religion.
Personality Apeksha is frequently connected with people who are positive, hopeful, and resilient. Those with this name have a great sense of trust and belief in the future, and they are always looking forward with expectation and resolve. They are frequently distinguished by their optimistic attitude on life and propensity to discover silver linings in difficult situations. Apeksha personifies patience, endurance, and inner strength, inspiring people with her constant optimism and confidence in possibilities
Rashi (Zodiac Sign)  It depends on the individual’s birthdate. Different sources might assign different Rashi for the name Apeksha.
Numerology The name Apeksha is associated with certain numerological meanings. For example, in numerology, “Apeksha” might correspond to a particular number, carrying its own significance.
Symbolism  Apeksha may carry symbolic meanings within Hindu culture or broader contexts, often symbolizing hope, expectation, and the power of positive thinking.
Famous Namesakes There are many persons having the name Apeksha. Apeksha is a popular name in India, with several well-known individuals bearing the name. One such namesake is Apeksha Dandekar, a talented singer and actress who has gained fame in the Indian entertainment industry. Another famous Apeksha is Apeksha Porwal, a successful fashion designer known for her unique and creative designs.
Popularity Apeksha is well-liked name in India and among Indian people worldwide due to its meaning. Apeksha is a less common name but holds significance among those who appreciate its meaning with hope and expectation.
Trending Apeksha might be considered “trending” in the sense of gaining popularity due to its meaningful interpretation and positive connotations.
Variations Apiksha, Apekshya, Apekshika, Apekshita.
Each variation still carries the same sense of grace, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a name with meaning. Whether in the world of fashion, entertainment, or any other industry, those named Apeksha seem to possess a certain level of talent and creativity that sets them apart. It is no wonder that the name continues to be a popular choice for parents looking to bestow their child with a sense of style and sophistication.
Pronunciation  Uh-pek-shuh (with stress on the second syllable, “pek”).
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