1500 Popular baby boy names in tamil | तमिल लड़कों के नाम और अर्थ

baby boy names in tamilModern Tamil Baby Boy Names: Unveiling a Treasure Trove of Timeless Gems


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to modern baby boy names in Tamil! At our website, we understand that choosing the perfect name for y

our little bundle of joy is a significant and cherished task. It is a reflection of their identity, culture, and aspirations. With this article, we aim to provide you with an extensive list of modern Tamil baby boy names that not only resonate with their meanings but also embody a sense of contemporary flair. Let’s embark on this delightful journey of exploration!

Importance of Naming

Naming a child is a momentous occasion that holds immense significance in many cultures, including Tamil tradition. A name distinguishes the individual and plays a pivotal role in shaping the children’s personality and identity. It is a timeless gift that will accompany them throughout their life’s journey. Our carefully curated list of modern Tamil baby boy names aims to empower parents with a diverse selection, enabling them to find the perfect name that embodies their hopes and dreams for their child.

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Tamil baby boy names starting with a

Aadhavan  Brilliant like the Sun Boy Tamil
Aarav  Peaceful Boy Tamil
Abhinav  Novel; Young; Fresh; Modern Boy Tamil
Adithya  Sun Boy Tamil
Akash  Sky Boy Tamil
Amar  Immortal Boy Tamil
Amogh  Unerring; Lord Ganesha Boy Tamil
Anand  Bliss; Joy Boy Tamil
Aravind  Lotus Boy Tamil
Arjun  Bright; Shining Boy Tamil
Arul  Grace; Blessing Boy Tamil
Ashok  Without sorrow; One without grief Boy Tamil
Atharv  Knowledge; Name of a Veda Boy Tamil
Avinash  Indestructible; Immortal Boy Tamil
Adhvik  Unique; One who is born with God’s blessings Boy Tamil
Agilan  Handsome; Intelligent Boy Tamil
Anirudh  Unstoppable; Lord Vishnu Boy Tamil
Ashwin  Light; A Hindu month Boy Tamil
Arun  Dawn; Sun Boy Tamil
Amrit  Nectar; Immortality Boy Tamil
Ajay  Invincible; Unconquerable Boy Tamil
Aarush  First Ray of Sun Boy Tamil
Adhithan  Leader; Sun Boy Tamil
Ajith  Invincible; Unconquerable Boy Tamil
Arulraj  King of Grace Boy Tamil
Aravindan  Lotus; Handsome Boy Tamil
Arjunan  Bright; Shining Boy Tamil
Anbu  Love; Kindness Boy Tamil
Amuthan  Sweet; Pure; Nectar Boy Tamil
Arav  Peaceful Boy Tamil
Ashmith  Strong; Powerful Boy Tamil
Anandhan  One who brings happiness Boy Tamil
Arivu  Knowledge; Intelligence Boy Tamil
Ajithan  Powerful; Invincible Boy Tamil
Akilan  Intelligent; Clever Boy Tamil
Arivazhagan  Intelligent; Knowledgeable Boy Tamil
Arulmani  Gem of Grace Boy Tamil
Ashwinth  Bright; Light Boy Tamil
Ayyappan  Hindu God Ayyappa Boy Tamil
Anush  Beautiful Morning Boy Tamil
Anirudhan  Lord Krishna; Unstoppable Boy Tamil
Aswin  Light; A Hindu month Boy Tamil
Arjunasri  Radiant like Arjuna Boy Tamil
Anbuvelan  Beloved; Lovely Boy Tamil
Aatralagan  Independent Boy Tamil
Akilesh  Lord Shiva Boy Tamil
Arumugam  Son of Lord Shiva Boy Tamil
Anilan  Wind; God of Wind Boy Tamil
Anbuselvan  Lovely; Godly Boy Tamil
Amalraj  King of Peace Boy Tamil