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Baby Girl Names

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If you are looking for a good baby girl names for Hindu, Tamil, Telugu etc, then you are at the right place. Here we have created a list for newborn baby girls. You may choose from our given name list.

a to z baby girl names Hindu

Starting with A, you can choose from popular names like Aanya, Aaradhya, Aria, Ananya, or traditional names like Anjali, Akshara, or Aparna. Moving on to B, you have names like Bhavna, Bhoomi, Bhumika, or Bhakti, which all hold significant meanings. For the letter C, you can choose from names like Chahna, Charvi, Chhaya, or Chitra. D offers names like Disha, Dhriti, Devika, or Diya, while E has unique names like Eesha, Esha, or Eshika. F, G, H, and I offer names like Falguni, Gauri, Hiral, Hitaishi, Ishani, and many more. Moving to J, you can choose from Jhanvi, Jigna, Jyoti, or Jaya. K offers names like Kavya, Kirti, Khushi, or Kavyanjali.

Name Meanings Gender
Aanya  Grace, Favour Girl
Aarushi  The first ray of the sun Girl
Advika  Unique Girl
Akshara  Letter, Writing Girl
Anika  Grace Girl
Anjali  Tribute Girl
Anushka  Grace, Favour Girl
Avni  Earth Girl
Bhavya  Grand, Splendid Girl
Chahna  Love Girl
Disha  Direction Girl
Divya  Divine, Heavenly Girl
Eesha  Goddess Parvati Girl
Gauri  Fair complexioned Girl
Hiral  Lustrous, Wealthy Girl
Ishani  Goddess Durga Girl
Jhanvi  Ganga river Girl
Kavya  Poem, Poetry Girl
Kiara  Dark Girl
haired   Girl
Lavanya  Beauty, Grace Girl
Mahika  Earth, Dew Girl
Manya  Respected, Honoured Girl
Navya  New, Fresh Girl
Niharika  Dew drops Girl
Niranjana  Pure, Spotless Girl
Pari  Fairy, Angel Girl
Prisha  Beloved, Loving Girl
Radha  Lover of Lord Krishna Girl
Rhea  Flowing, Stream Girl
Ria  Singer Girl
Riya  Singer Girl
Saanvi  Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Samaira  Enchanting Girl
Sanjana  Gentle, Calm Girl
Shanaya  The first ray of the sun Girl
Shreya  Auspicious, Lucky Girl
Siya  Sita, wife of Lord Rama Girl
Suhani  Pleasant, Beautiful Girl
Tanvi  Delicate, Feminine Girl
Tanya  Of the family Girl
Trisha  Wish, Thirst Girl
Twisha  Brightness Girl
Vaishnavi  Worshipper of Lord Vishnu Girl
Vandana  Worship, Adoration Girl
Vedika  The altar, a Sacred place Girl
Veda  Knowledge, Wisdom Girl
Vidhi  Fate, Destiny Girl
Yashasvi  Famous, Successful Girl
Zara  Princess, Flower. Girl

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