Best 20 Boy Name With L | ल से शुरू होने वाले लड़कों के नाम

Boy Name With L


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Baby Boy Name With L | ल से लड़कों के नाम


Looking for a boy name that starts with the letter “L”? Explore our list of unique and popular boy names that begin with L, including traditional favorites like Liam and Luke, as well as lesser-known options like Landon and Lincoln. Find the perfect name for your baby boy with our comprehensive list of boy names starting with L.

Name Meaning Gender Religion
Labeeb  Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent Boy Islam
Labib  Sensible, intelligent Boy Islam
Lahi’ah  A narrator of hadith Boy Islam
Laiq  Deserving Boy Islam
Laith  Lion Boy Islam
Lajlaj  One of The Sahaba Boy Islam
Laqeet One of The Sahaba Boy Islam
Lateef  Kind Boy Islam
Latif  Fine, gentle, refined Boy Islam
Layth  A famous jurist had this name Boy Islam
Liban  Successful, charmed Boy Islam
Limazah  A  narrator of hadith Boy Islam
Liyaqat  Worth, deserving, merit Boy Islam
Lu’ay  Shield Boy Islam
Luqman  A Prophet’s name Boy Islam
Lut  Name of a Prophet Boy Islam
Lutf  Bounty, enjoyment Boy Islam
Lutfi  Kind and friendly, gentle Boy Islam

What is the popular Baby Boy Name With L?

You may choose from Lateef, Liyaqat etc.

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