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In this article, we have prepared a question paper for computer class 3. This question paper<

/a> has been prepared to help the students studying in class 3 under the CBSE Board.

Class 3 Computer Sample Question Paper

understanding the Computer Class 3

class 3 computer book question answer

  1. The——————— is used to draw three hand drawings
  2.  we can create a mirror image of a stamp using the——————— button
  3.  The——————— tool gives the raised effect to an object from the surface that you have drawn
  4. Tux paint has been translated into——————— languages
  5. The ———————tool is used to apply a pattern of many small colored pieces of stones

 Emboss, 129, Mosaic, Paint, Mirror

class 3 computer book solutions

State true or false

  1. Tux Paint is a free software.
  2. when you select the lines tool, the pointer changes into a brush shape
  3.  stamp tool is used to add ready-made images as it stumps.
  4.  mosaic effect lightens the color of an object.
  5. Tux paint provides 48 different background colors or pictures.

class 3 computer chapter 2 question answer

Multiple choice questions

  1. The brush is used to draw objects that are far away (Vine haze Emboss)
  2. ———————is the lead developer and designer of tux paint. (Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Kendrick, Bill Gates)
  3.  Which of the following tools is used to create free-hand patterns (Kaleidoscope,  Emboss, Drip)
  4. When the lines tool is  selected the pointer changes into the ———————symbol (*, +, $)
  5. The ———————draws a trail of rainbow colors as you drag the magic wand on the drawing area (The mosaic effect,  rainbow effect, real rainbow)

Answer the following question

  1.  list any two features of tux paint
  2. Explain the use of the mosaic effect
  3.  What is the use of the magic tool
  4.  how is the stamp tool useful?
students Understanding the Computer Class 3.

Class 3 computer chapter 3 question answer

Fill in the blanks

  1.  The———————Is the first screen of Windows that appears when the computer is switched on
  2. ——————— The application provides paid and free games, apps, and songs.
  3.  The———————is a long horizontal bar at the bottom of the desktop.
  4. The right side of the taskbar contains the———————
  5. ——————— The button provides the ability to open multiple desktops at the same time.
  6.  The advanced search tool of Windows 10 is called———————?

 notification area, desktop, taskbar, task view, Cortana, Windows Store.

class 3 computer chapter 4 question answer

State true or false

  1.  The clock is present on the left side of the taskbar
  2.  the start button is found on the left side of the taskbar
  3.  when a program is active, Its icon is highlighted in a brighter shade with a bar below it
  4.  peek button is present on the left side of the taskbar
  5.  to change the desktop background right-click on the blank area of the desktop.

Application based questions

  1. Adarsh wants to arrange all the icons on the desktop in alphabetical order and suggests him to where to do so.
  2. Karan is working on many applications on his computer. By mistake, he has clicked somewhere on the taskbar and all the open windows have minimized which button Corona clicked on.

class 3 computer question paper

multiple choice questions

  1. Which program managers all the jobs of a computer. ———————(Operating system, desktop, screensaver)
  2. To arrange the icons on the desktop———————click on the blank area. ( Left,, right, double)
  3.  pressing windows keyp+ D combination ———————All the open windows. (maximizes, Closes, minimizes)
  4. To open the start menu press the ——————— key. (Ctrl, windows, Alt)

Name the mouse pointers that perform the following actions

  1. for pointing selecting and dragging an item
  2.  for resizing the pictures
  3.  it indicates that you have to wait because the computer is busy
  4.  for moving pictures and toolbars

answer in one word

  1.  name the term used for the process of loading the operating system
  2.  name the box that displays the preview of the screensaver
  3.  name the option that displays all the apps and programs on a computer
  4.  write the shortcut key combination to an active task view

answer the following questions

  1.  define the term windows
  2.  what is desktop
  3.  what is taskbar
  4.  right any two features of Windows 10
  5. Briefly explain the use of the start button
  6. Describe the term screen server

Fill in the blank

  1. The——————— is a blank area in the left margin of a document
  2.  The ———————Is a reserved place that stores data temporarily
  3.  making changes in the document is called———————
  4. To print the document click on the ——————— tab ————- option.
  5. Stop incorrectly spelt words can be seen with ———————WAVY line under them.
  6. The ——————— Option provides a list of synonyms and antonyms.

class 3 computer worksheet

State true or false

  1. The shortcut key to close a document is ctrl + C
  2. In Ms. Word, you can share documents on the Internet
  3.  The shortcut key to jump to the end of the current document is shift +ctrl +End
  4. To select a sentence hold down the shift key and click anywhere on the sentence
  5.  to select a paragraph, double-click anywhere in the paragraph.
student going to attend the Computer Class 3.

application-based questions

  1. Rahman has made a project, but he does not know how to check the spelling and grammatical mistakes in a document. what steps will you suggest to him?
  2. Sonam has added some extra paragraphs to her documents. The teacher has asked her to delete them. How will you help her to do this?

Multiple choice questions

  1. in how many ways you can insert text in an existing document

3     2     4

2. Grammatical errors are indicated with a

 Red Wavyline,  green wavy line blue wavy line

3. Which among the following shortcut keys is used to select one character to the right

Shift+-à   shift +ß, shift + ^

4. Which is the shortcut key for the undo command

Ctrl+Y,. Ctrl+U, Ctrl+Z

Answer in one word or one sentence

  1.  Who is shortcut key is used to check spelling and grammar in Word document
  2.  Which command Is used to ravers  the action of the undo command
  3. Name the mode that is used to replace the existing text in a document
  4.  That shortcut key to delete one word to the left

Answer the following questions

  1.  list any three features of a word processing software
  2.  what do you understand by editing how can you insert text in a document
  3.  expand the use of the thesaurus option in Word 2016
  4.  differentiate between moving and copying the text

computer class 3 questions answer

A. Fill in the blanks.

  1. By default, text is aligned to the ————————— margins.
  2. We can change the font size by clicking on the Font Size drop-down button on the—————- tab.
  3. To select the Drop Cap option, click on the ————————— tab.
  4. A————————— is a small graphic symbol that is added before an item in a list.
  5. ————————— option places the selected text slightly above the baseline.
Home  Left   Insert  Superscript   Bullet

B. State True or False.

  1. By default, Word 2016 sets the font to Calibri (Body).
  2. Justified alignment means that the text is aligned with the left margin.
  3. We can apply bullets to a text document by selecting the Bullets button.
  4. The Bold button is used to display the text in a darker shade than the rest of the text.
  5. The drop cap effect reduces the first letter of a paragraph.
  6. A word or a sentence can be underlined along with spaces.

class 3 Computer Chapter 1 fill in the blanks

C. Multiple-choice questions.

  1. —————- Alignment is used to set the text evenly between the left and the right margins.

a. Left, b. Center,             c. Justify

  • What is the shortcut key to apply/remove the Subscript effect?

a.  Ctrl+=               b. Ctrl + Shift +=                C. Ctrl+ Shift

  • The Font Size box is available on the ————————– tab.

a. Insert               b. Font                  C. Home

  • Which among the following commands is used as a Repeat Typing tool?

a. Undo                                b. Redo                                c. Paste

D. Answer the following questions.

  1. What does Formatting mean?
  2. How will you change the font in your document?
  3. List the various change case options available in Word 2016. Explain any two.
  4. Define the term text alignment. Name the types of alignments available in Word 2016
  5. What is the difference between the Superscript and Subscript options?

class 3 computer chapter 7 question answer

E. State True or False.

  1. The 3D objects are used to draw 2D shapes.
  2. 2 The Eraser tool is used to erase any part of a drawing.
  3. You can increase the size of the Brush by dragging the Thickness slider.

F. Rearrange the jumbled letters to make meaningful words.

RSHUB                  OTS LO                  ROCOLU               E A SE RR

G. Multiple-choice questions.

  1. Which 3D tool is used to draw a sphere?

a. Pencil               b. Eraser              c. Sphere

  • Which tool is used for adding colors to an object?

a. fill       b. Thickness Slider           C. Oil Brush Tool

  • Name the area where you draw in Paint 3D.

a. Canvas             b. Sketch             c. Window

  • Which option is used for adding stickers?

a. 3D Library       b. 2D Objects     c. stickers

class 3 computer question answer

H. Answer in one word.

  1. Which slider is used to change the thickness of any object?
  2. Which tool will you use to draw a ball?
  3. Which option is used to start a New Project?
  4. Where will you find the different types of brushes in Paint 3D?

parts of computer class 3 worksheet

I. Fill in the blanks.

  1. A computer follows step-wise instructions to complete any task, which is known as———————
  2. ——————– is one of the easiest computer languages.
  3. The blocks in the ——————— block allow the Sprite to draw lines on the stage, and change the color, and the thickness of lines.
  4. —————— is a graphic character that moves on the stage.
  5. In Scratch, the Sprite moves on the——————— when you run a program.
Stage Pen Scratch Program Sprite

computer class 3 worksheet

J. State True or False.

  1. A computer understands the language that we speak.
  2. Blocks Palette is the place where you Create a script for the Sprite to do a specific task.
  3. A script consists of at least two blocks.
  4. You can turn the Sprite only in a clockwise direction.
  5. Scratch 2.0 projects are saved with the extension .sb2.

K. Multiple-choice questions.

  1. Scratch 2.0 was officially released on ——————- 2013.
    • a.  July 4                               b. May 9               c. June 2
  2. ———————- contains the set of blocks, which is used to program the Sprite.
    1. a. Blocks Palette               b. Stage                                C. Scripts Area
  3. ———— block draws a line as the Sprite moves on the stage.
    1. a. Pen down       b. move 10 steps              c. turn 15 degrees
  4. Who is the founder of Scratch?
    1. a. James Gosling b. Tim Berners-Lee          C. Mitchell Resnick

L. Answer the following questions.

  1. What is a Sprite?
  2. What do you know about Scratch?
  3. What is the use of Pen block?
  4. Explain any two main parts of the Scratch window.

match the following computer class 3

Monitor We can type the words
Mouse displays the data
Keyboard Stores the information
CPU We can point to a particular place

Parts of Computer Class 3

There are 4 major parts in a computer. these are CPU, Mouse, Keyword, and Monitor.

What is a computer class 3?

A computer is an electronic device that can store, find, read, and arrange data, calculate sums, and used to control other machines.

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