G Names For Boys | ग से शुरू होने वाले लड़कों के 200 Popular नाम

Are you looking for unique and stylish G names for boys? Discover a wide range of options, from classic to modern, with our handpicked coll

ection. Explore our list of G names for boys and find the perfect name for your little one.

Classic G Names for Boys

These are traditional and timeless names that have been popular for generations.

Name Meaning Gender
Ghasaan Clouds Boy
Gabba Major Boy
Gabbar Strong Boy
Gabber A Proud and Strong Man Boy
Gabir Comforter;  Consoler Boy
Gabr Companion Boy
Gabra Man Boy
Gabriel Strength Boy
Gaby Hero of God Boy
Gadi My Wealth Boy
Gadie My Fortune Boy
Gadiel God is My Fortune Boy
Gadil Forest Boy
Gady My Fortune Boy
Gafar Forgive Boy
Gaffar Most Forgiving Boy
Gaffoor Forgiver; Merciful Boy
Gafoor Merciful; Forgiver Boy
Gafur Invincible Boy
Gahbed Treasurer, Banker Boy
Gahez Morning Boy
Gairim Singing in Praise Boy
Gaith Rain Boy
Galaad Add Meaning Boy
Galeeb Add Meaning Boy
Galel Wave of God Boy
Galib Name of a Great Urdu  Poet Boy
Galip Winner Boy
Gamaal Camel Boy
Gamal Camel; Handsome Boy
Gamaleddin Tiger Boy
Gamali Camel Boy
Gamall Mountain; Beautiful Boy
Gambo Child Born before Twins Boy
Gamil Handsome; Beautiful Boy
Gani Gold Boy
Ganief Add Meaning Boy
Garagar Creator of Men Boy
Garagargar Creator of All Creation Boy
Garami respectful Boy
Gardez Add Meaning Boy
Gargar Artisan Boy
Garrath Gentle Boy
Garshah King of The Mountain Boy
Gasheen Good Boy
Gassan Honourable Boy
Gasser A Courageous Man Boy
Gatha Song, Divine Song Boy
Gau Ox, Bull, Cow Boy
Gauhar Cow like; White; The Pearl; One … Boy
Gawdat Goodness; Excellence; To be … Boy
Gayas Helper Boy
Gazali Famous; Mystic Boy
Gazi Leader Boy
Gazish Add Meaning Boy
Gaziyan Conqueror; Fighter Boy
Gazza Spear; Brave with the Spear Boy
Gedi A bunch of beautiful flowers Boy
Gehad Married Man Boy
Gelareh Eyes Boy
Gemail White Sparrow Boy
George Earth Worker; Farmer; A Tiller of … Boy

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