Top Most Unique and Meaningful Malayalam Baby Names-2023

Looking for meaningful and unique Malayalam b

aby names for your little one? Discover a rich collection of Malayalam names here. Find the perfect name that reflects your cultural heritage and resonates with your family’s values

Malayalam Baby Names

Malayalam Baby names Hindu girl

Name Meaning
Aaradhya Worshipped; Devoted
Aishwarya Wealth; Prosperity
Akshara Immutable; Letter
Amritha Immortal; Nectar
Ananya Unique; Incomparable
Anika Gracious; Splendid
Anjali Offering; Salutation
Annika Graceful; Sweet
Arya Noble; Goddess Durga
Athira Star; Lightning
Avani Earth; Goddess Earth
Bhavana Meditation; Feelings
Bhoomika Earth; Foundation
Charanya Grateful; Thankful
Darshini Sight; The One Who Sees
Devika Little Goddess
Divya Divine; Heavenly
Ekta Unity; Harmony
Esha Desire; Purity
Gauri Fair; Goddess Parvati
Gayathri Mother of the Vedas
Harini Deer; Graceful
Ishita Mastery; Wealth
Janani Mother; Tenderness
Jiya Life; Heart
Kavya Poetry; Literary Work
Keerthi Fame; Glory
Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth
Maanasa Mind; Intellect
Madhavi Spring; Creeper
Manasa Mind; Goddess Lakshmi
Meenakshi Fish-Eyed; Goddess Parvati
Nandini Delightful; Goddess Durga
Navya New; Young
Neha Love; Affection
Nithya Eternal; Constant
Pooja Worship; Prayer
Priya Beloved; Loved One
Roshni Light; Brightness
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful
Sanika Flute; Goddess Saraswati
Sanya Praise; Splendid
Shruti Knowledge; Hearing
Siya Goddess Sita; Graceful
Sneha Love; Affection
Sreeja Daughter of Wealth
Swara Musical Note; Tune
Tanisha Ambition; Desire
Trisha Thirst; Desire
Vaishnavi Goddess Parvati; Devotee
Varsha Rain; Monsoon
Vedika Altar; Consciousness
Vibha Radiant; Light
Vidya Knowledge; Wisdom
Zara Princess; Blossom

Girl Baby names in Malayalam

Name Meaning
Aadhira Moon
Aahana First rays of the sun
Aakriti Shape
Aarathi Worship
Aarohi A musical note
Abhitha Fearless
Abhirami Goddess Parvati
Adhira Lightning
Aditi Mother of gods
Advika Unique
Aishani Goddess Durga
Akhila Whole; Complete
Akshara Letter
Alakananda Name of a river
Alisha Protected by God
Amara Immortal
Amrita Immortality
Anahita Graceful
Anamika Ring finger
Ananya Unique
Anika Goddess Durga
Anisha Uninterrupted
Ankita Marked; Loyal
Anvi Goddess of the earth
Aparna Goddess Parvati
Aradhana Worship
Arundhati A star; Wife of sage Vashishtha
Aryahi Goddess Durga
Ashvika Goddess Saraswati
Athira Star
Avani Earth
Avishi Strength; Power
Avni The earth
Bhagya Luck; Fortune
Bhavana Meditation
Charanya Grateful
Charvi Beautiful girl
Chetana Perceptive; Conscious
Devika Little goddess
Dharani The earth
Diti Goddess Lakshmi
Divisha Sun; Light
Ekta Unity
Esha Desire
Gayathri Mother of the Vedas
Gopika Cowherd girl
Harini Deer
Iha Desire
Isha Goddess Durga
Ishani Goddess Durga
Jahnvi River Ganga
Janani Mother
Kanak Gold
Kanika Little black
Karishma Miracle
Kashvi Shining
Keerthi Fame; Glory
Keya Flower
Kirti Fame; Glory
Lavanya Grace; Beauty
Mahi The earth
Mahika Dew drops
Mahima Greatness
Manya Worthy of honor
Medha Intelligence
Meher Benevolence
Meherunissa Benevolent queen
Meira Light
Mishka Gift of love
Myra Sweet
Navya Young; Worth praising
Neha Love; Rain
Nidhi Wealth; Treasure
Niharika Dew drops
Nithya Eternal
Pooja Worship
Pranavi Goddess Parvati
Prisha Beloved
Rashi Collection of wealth
Ria Singer
Riddhi Prosperity
Rishika Saintly
Riya Singer
Samaira Enchanting
Samhita A Vedic text
Sanika Flute
Saumya Gentle
Shruti Knowledge; Musical notes
Siya Goddess Sita
Sneha Love; Affection
Sruti Hearing; Listening
Stuti Praise
Swara Musical note
Tanisha Ambition
Trisha Thirst
Uma Goddess Parvati
Vaishnavi Goddess Lakshmi
Veda Sacred knowledge
Vrinda Holy basil
Yashika Success
Zara Princess

What are Malayalam baby names?

Names are traditionally used in the Malayalam-speaking regions of India.

What are some popular Malayalam baby names for boys?

Names like Arjun, Aryan, and Aditya are commonly chosen.

What are some popular Malayalam baby names for girls?

Names like Ananya, Aishwarya, and Devika are popular choices.

Can I use Malayalam names if I’m not Malayali?

Yes, you can choose any name you like, but consider cultural sensitivity.

Are there Malayalam names based on astrology or numerology?

Yes, many Malayalam names are influenced by astrology and numerology.

Where can I find a list of Malayalam baby names?

Online baby name websites, books, and Malayalam community resources.

How do I ensure the name is easy to pronounce for non-Malayalam speakers?

Choose names with simpler phonetics and ask for feedback.

Are there gender-neutral Malayalam baby names?

Yes, some names can be used for any gender.

Can I combine names from different cultures with Malayalam names?

Yes, many people create unique combinations.

Are there any cultural customs related to naming in Malayalam traditions?

Yes, naming ceremonies and rituals are important in Malayalam culture.

Can I use a Malayalam name as a middle name?

Yes, it’s a common practice to use Malayalam names as middle names.

What should I consider when choosing a Malayalam baby name?

Meaning, cultural significance, and personal preferences.

Are there any Malayalam baby name trends?

Names from nature and mythology are currently popular.

Can I use a nickname for my baby instead of their given Malayalam name?

Yes, nicknames are commonly used in addition to formal names.

How can I ensure my chosen Malayalam name is not offensive or disrespectful?

Consult with native speakers or cultural experts.

What if my partner and I have different preferences for a baby name?

Consider compromising or combining elements from both choices.

Are there any restrictions on Malayalam baby names?

Avoid names with negative connotations or offensive meanings.

What is the significance of a “star” or “nakshatra” in choosing a Malayalam baby name?

Some families choose names based on the child’s birth star for astrological reasons.