500 Popular Muslim Baby Names | मुस्लिम बच्चों के नाम अर्थ के साथ

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Meaningful Muslim Baby Names


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Understanding the Significance of Muslim Baby Names

In Islam, names play a special impact on an individual’s identity and character. Choosing a meaningful Muslim baby name is not merely about selecting a word, but rather about embracing the spiritual and cultural significance behind it. A well-thought-out name can inspire positive qualities, foster a sense of belonging, and connect your child to their Muslim heritage.Muslim Baby Names

Exploring Traditional and Modern Muslim Names

Traditional Muslim Baby Names

Traditional Muslim baby names are deeply rooted in Islamic history, with many derived from the Quran or associated with notable figures in Islamic culture. These names often have beautiful meanings and can serve as a reminder of the faith’s teachings. Some popular traditional Muslim baby names for boys and girls include:

Muhammad: Meaning “praised” or “praiseworthy,” Muhammad is the name of the last Prophet in Islam.
Ahmed: Derived from the Arabic word for “praise” or “commendation,” Ahmed signifies gratitude towards Allah.

Fatima: A name associated with purity and abundance, Fatima was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad and holds a significant place in Islamic history.
Maryam: Derived from the name of Mary, the mother of Jesus, Maryam symbolizes purity and devotion.

Popular Muslim Baby Names

Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aaban Name of the angel Boy Islam
Aabid Worshipper of Allah Boy Islam
Aadeel just’ or ‘upright’ Boy Islam
Aadhil one whose actions are just and fair. Boy Islam
Aadil Justice Boy Islam
Aadroop an embodiment of the Sun Boy Islam
Aaftab brilliance of the Sun Boy Islam
Aahil Prince Boy Islam
Aalam World Boy Islam
Aalim a man of wise learning Boy Islam
Aaman The man who protects with no fear Boy Islam
Aamir Populous, full, prosperous Boy Islam
Aaqib Follower Boy Islam
Aaqil Intelligent Boy Islam
Aarif Knowing, aware Boy Islam
Aaris who stands up for his faith and belief Boy Islam
Aariz Respectable man, intelligent Boy Islam
Aashif Boy Islam
Aashif Bold, courageous Boy Islam
Aashir Living Boy Islam
Aasif An able minister Boy Islam
Aasim Protector Boy Islam
Aatif Kind Affectionate Boy Islam
Aazim Determined Boy Islam
Abaan Clear, eloquent Boy Islam
Abaan Old Arabic name Boy Islam
Abaharan Sea Boy Islam
Aban Old Arabic name Boy Islam
Abbas Description of a lion Boy Islam
Abbas Lion; Muhammad’s uncle Boy Islam
Abbu father Boy Islam
Abbud Worshipper Boy Islam
Abbud Worshipper Boy Islam
Abbudin Worshippers Boy Islam