Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With b | 500 Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Modern Indian Boy Names: A Comprehensive Guide


Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With b

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on modern Indian boy names! At, we

understand the importance of choosing a unique and meaningful name for your baby boy. With our extensive research and in-depth analysis, we aim to provide you with a diverse collection of modern Indian boy names that not only sound pleasing but also hold deep cultural and historical significance.

The Significance of Choosing the Right Name

Selecting a name for your little one is a momentous decision that will shape their identity throughout their life. In Indian culture, names carry immense importance as they often reflect a family’s values, traditions, and beliefs. Names can have a major impact on a child’s personality.

Understanding Modern Indian Boy Names

Historical Context

India, with its diverse linguistic and cultural heritage, boasts a treasure trove of names with ancient roots.
Popular Themes and Trends
In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of modern Indian boy names that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary sensibilities. Parents often seek names that strike a balance between uniqueness and familiarity, reflecting their progressive outlook. Some popular themes and trends include:

Nature-Inspired Names

Nature plays a great source of inspiration when it comes to naming a child.

Virtue-Based Names

Many parents opt for names that embody positive qualities and virtues.

Fusion of Cultures

In an increasingly globalized world, parents often choose names that reflect their multicultural backgrounds. Combining elements from different cultures, names like Arjun (Hindu epic character), Kabir (Sufi poet), and Ayan (Persian origin) create a beautiful fusion of traditions.

This website has added more than 500 modern Indian baby boy names starting with b letter here. Chose one boy’s name starting with b for your newborn baby.

Name Meaning Gender
Baabar Variant Of Babar: Lion, King Of Jungle Boy
Baadir Shining Boy
Baadiyah Name of Sahabah. Boy
Baahi Shining Boy
Baahir   prevailing Boy
Baaligh   major Boy
Baani Founder, Originator Boy
Baaqir.-baqeer Variant Of Baqir: Deeply Learned, Genius Boy
Baari   brilliant, originator, outstanding Boy
Baariq   shining, bright, illuminating Boy
Baashir Bringer of good news Boy
Baasim Smiling Boy
Baasir Wise, seeing Boy
Baasit   one who spreads or grants prosperity Boy
Baaz Falcon Boy
Baazigh Shining Boy
Bab In Armenian meaning is : Grandfather Boy
Baba Father, old, cute baby Boy
Babak They are the young father; a satisfied person Boy
Babar courageous Boy
Babar Ali CourageousEminent, Noble, High In Rank Boy
Babar Azam Brave, victorious, eagle-eyed Boy
Babasaheb Ambitious person Boy
Babatunde The father who has returned for good Boy
Baber Courageous, Lion Boy
Babgha Parrot Boy
Babi Followers Of The Sufi Saint Bab Boy
Babik Law, A King’s Name Boy
Babr Tiger Boy
Babrak   little basilica flower Boy
Babu Father, master, ruler Boy
Babul Gate Of God Boy
Bachar One Who Is Full Of Joy Boy
Bachram The Star Of Fifth Sky Boy
Badar Full Moon Boy
Badarqa The Leader Boy
Badasi foreigner Boy
Badee Unique, new Boy
Badeeh Wonderous. Boy
Badeel A famous wise, wise Boy
Badeen Healthy, strong Boy
Badehi Clear Boy
Bader Moon of the fourteenth night Boy
Badgarjae Creator Of Wind Boy
Badi   wonderful, unique, the creator of the heavens and the earth Boy
Badi Al Zaman The marvel of the time Boy
Badiah Desert Boy
Badir Shining Boy
Badiul Alam Unique in the world. Boy
BadiuzZaman   the genius of the time Boy
Badiy First, New Boy
Badoo Bedouin Boy
Badpa High-speed horse Boy
Badr Full moon Boy
Badr al Din The full moon of the faith Boy
Badr Aldin Under the leadership of Allah Boy
Badr E Alam The full moon of the world. Boy
Badr Udeen The full moon of the faith Boy
Badr-aldin Led By Allah Boy
Badran   The Most Beautiful Boy
Badraqa Leader, Guide, To Lead Boy
Badri   one who took part in the battle of Badr Boy
Badru Variant Of Badar: Full Moon Boy
Badrud Duja The full moon of the dark. Boy
Badruddin   the full moon of the religion (Islam) Boy
Badrudduja The full moon of the dark (night), An epithet of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Boy
Badrudeen Full Moon Of The Faith Boy
Badshah King of luck Boy
Baeer Camel Boy
Bag Creator Boy
Bagdat God Created Boy
Baghawi A resident of Bagh or Baghshur Boy
Baghel Ox Boy
Baghl Ox Boy
Baha Magnificient Boy
Baha Udeen The magnitude of the faith Boy
Bahaa Cost, Price, light Boy
Bahaaldin The magnificence of the faith Boy
Bahadar Brave man Boy
Bahadir One who is brave and valiant Boy
Bahador Barve, Honorable Boy
Bahadur Bold Boy
Bahajat Handsome, Lovely Boy
Bahauddawlah The magnificence of the state Boy
Bahauddin   The glow of the Religion (Islam) Boy
Bahaudeen The Magnificent Of The Faith Boy
Bahaudin Variant Of Bahaudeen: The Magnificent Of The Faith Boy
Bahbuh Gay Boy
Baheen Exalted, great, noble. Boy
Baher Dazzling, Brilliant Boy
Bahera Superb Boy
Bahhas   Examiner Boy
Bahij Cheerful Boy
Bahim Pure, Unmixed Boy
Bahir Dazzling, brilliant Boy
Bahiran Publicly Boy
Bahirun A brilliant, lucid, renowned person Boy
Bahis Investigator Boy
Bahiyat Precious Boy
Baha ud Din Radiant Boy
Bahiyudeen The Magnificent Of The Faith Boy
Bahiyy The magnificence of the faith Boy
Bahjah Live in Splendor Boy
Bahjat Beautiful Boy
Bahlawan   acrobat Boy
Bahlul One who smiles often, one who does a lot of good deeds Boy
Bahman   Name of the 11th month of the Iranian calendar Boy
Bahoo Rod Boy
Bahr Sea, Ocean Boy
Bahram Winning over resisting people Boy
Bahrawar Lionheart. Boy
Bahroz Lucky Boy
Baht Pure, Unmixed Boy
Bahuj Handsome Boy