Boy Name With E | 500 Popular Muslim Boy Names With meaning

Short and Sweet Boy Names with the Letter E

At, we understand the joy and excitement of choosing the perfect name for your baby boy. A name i

s not just a word; it carries meaning and can shape a child’sBoy Name With E identity. In this comprehensive guide, we present an extensive list of baby boy names that start with the letter “E,” accompanied by their meanings and origins. Whether you’re seeking a traditional or unique name, we are here to inspire and assist you in finding the ideal name for your little one.

Unique Boy Names Starting with E

Discover the perfect Boy Name With E for your little one. Browse our comprehensive list of unique and meaningful names starting with the letter E. Find the perfect fit for your baby boy today. Here are some Boy Name With E and Meanings

Name Meaning Gender
Eadan Little Fire Boy
Eahsan An Act of Kindness; Mercy; Helpful Boy
Eajaz Astonishment; Miracle Boy
Easah Prophet Name Boy
Easau A Prophet’s Name Boy
Eashan Lord Vishnu / Shiva Boy
Easin The name of a surah of the holy Quran Boy
Ebadaah Prayer to Allah Boy
Ebadat Prayer Boy
Ebadul Dynamic; Bright Boy
Ebi Paternal Boy
Ebin Rock Boy
Eblis A Devilish Man Boy
Ebraheem Name of Hazrat Ibrahim Boy
Ebrahim Earth; the name of a prophet Boy
Ebran Variant of Ibrahim Boy
Ebrar A person who does good Boy
Ebrin Creative Boy
Econ Strong Boy
Edan Full of Fire, Delight, Fire Boy
Edhem Dark-skinned, black Boy
Edin Belief Boy
Ediz They have a lavish lifestyle Boy
Edmark Furniture Boy
Ednan Paradise; Delight Boy
Edrees Name of a Prophet Boy
Edric Vigorous; Robust man Boy
Edrish Invisible; Lord of Mountain Boy
Eeda To Deposit / Commit / Lodge Boy
Eehaan The Sun Boy
Eeid Festival; Day of Festivity Boy
Eeman Faith in God Boy
Eenam Gift; Reward Boy
Eesaa Name Of A Well-known Prophet Of Allah Boy
Eeshah Life Boy
Eessa Lebanese variation of Jesus. It means devoted to God. Boy
Eezah Clarification, Elucidation Boy
Efaaz Helper Boy
Efatul taken from the Arabic word efat Boy
Efaz Best Amazing Neymar; Helper Boy
Efe One who has massive strength and love Boy
Efraz Height Boy
Efty God Gift Boy
Ehaad Love Boy
Ehaan Full Moon Boy
Ehab  Gift Boy
Ehad Love; One of a Kind Boy
Ehan  Full Moon Boy
Ehfaz Brave Boy
Ehmad admirable Boy
Ehrar Independent People Boy
Ehsaan Favour; Good Boy
Ehsaas Feel Boy
Ehsan Favor; Good; Goodness Boy
Ehsan Ali Fourth caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib Boy
Ehsun Best, Better Boy
Ehtasham Eye, honored person Boy
Ehtemad Trust, certainty Boy
Ehteram Respect Boy
Ehtiram Honor, Respect Boy
Ehtisham Modesty, Decency, Intelligent, Judicious, Learned, Erudite Boy
Ehtzaz To move Boy
Ehzan Fire; Soul of the Moon Boy