Y Names For Girls | य से शुरू होने वाले लड़कियों के 18 Popular नाम

y names for girlsY Names For Girls Muslim

Searching for unique and meaningful girl names with the letter Y? Explore our collected list of beautiful and distinctive y names for girls, ranging fro

m traditional to modern and multicultural. Whether you’re seeking a name inspired by nature or a specific culture, we have got you covered. Discover the perfect name for your little girl which will make her stand out from the crowd with our comprehensive list of y names for girls.

Yalina Soft, gentle Girl Islam
Yalqoot  Name of a woman Girl Islam
Yamamah Valley in Arabia Girl Islam
Yamina Right, Proper Girl Islam
Yaminah Right and proper Girl Islam
Yara  Little Butterfly Girl Islam
Yashal Freshness, greenery Girl Islam
Yasmeenah  Sweetsmelling flower Girl Islam
Yasmin Jasmine flower Girl Islam
Yasmina  A beautiful flower that shines Girl Islam
Yasmine  Flower Girl Islam
Yasna  It means white rose in Arabic Girl Islam
Yassaman  The flower Jasmin Girl Islam
Yelda  Dark night Girl Islam
Yumna  Good fortune, success Girl Islam
Yusra  Prosperous Girl Islam
Yusur  Prosperous Girl Islam