Alia Bhatt Baby Name | 100 Popular Musical-Inspired Names

Curious about Alia Bhatt baby name? Explore the exciting revelation of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt’s chosen name for newborn babi

es. Join the buzz and stay in the loop with the latest celebrity baby naming trends. Uncover the adorable and distinctive name selected for Alia Bhatt’s precious bundle of happiness. Alia Bhatt Baby Name list is here…
alia bhatt baby
Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aria Melody Female Any
Lyric Song Female Any
Harmony Musical unity Female Any
Melody Musical tune Female Any
Cadence Rhythmic flow Female Any
Serenade Musical composition Female Any
Allegra Lively, cheerful Female Any
Sinfonia Symphony Female Any
Sonata Musical composition Female Any
Cantata Musical piece Female Any
Minuet Elegant dance Female Any
Amaryllis Song Female Any
Calypso Music, hidden Female Any
Cappella Chapel Female Any
Celeste Heavenly Female Any
Elara Melody Female Any
Harmonia Harmony Female Any
Lyrica Lyric poetry Female Any
Mele Song Female Any
Nocturne Arianna Female Any
Ode Poem Female Any
Piper Flute player Female Any
Sora Sky, music Female Any
Viola Musical instrument Female Any
Xyla Musical instrument Female Any
Bellamy Fine friend Female Any
Melisma Melodic embellishment Female Any
Symphony Harmonious composition Female Any
Cadencia Rhythm Female Any
Serenata Serenade Female Any
Arabella Beautiful, yielding Female Any
Sonatina Small sonata Female Any
Carol Song of joy Female Any
Freeman Holy melody Female Any
Sonnet Little song Female Any
Cantabile Song-like Female Any
Elysia Musical Female Any
Anthem Song of praise Female Any
Melodia Melody Female Any
Arietta Little aria Female Any
Minerva Musical Female Any
Hymna Song Female Any
Celestia Heavenly Female Any
Sirena Siren Female Any
Seraphina Burning ones Female Any
Symphonia Symphonic Female Any
Cantadora Female singer Female Any
Melisande Strength in music Female Any
Cadenza Elaborate solo passage Female Any
Melina Honey Female Any
Calliope Beautiful voice Female Any
Serenella Serenade Female Any
Anabella Beautiful grace Female Any
Night Music Symphony Female Any
Cappellina Small chapel Female Any
Carola Symphony Female Any
Ariana Very holy Female Any
Cadena Chain, rhythm Female Any
Harmonie Harmony Female Any
Lyricia Lyric poetry Female Any
Minuetta Elegant dance Female Any
Nocturnia Lyrica Female Any
Odetta Melody Female Any
Pippa Lover of horses Female Any
Violine Violin Female Any
Xylo Musical instrument Female Any
Bellatrix Female warrior Female Any
Melodine Melody Female Any
Sinfonietta Small symphony Female Any
Cantoria Singing Female Any
Seraphine Seraph Female Any
Allegria Joy Female Any
Arabesque Ornamental design Female Any
Sonora Pleasant sound Female Any
Calanthe Beautiful flower Female Any
Amarys Song Female Any
Seren Star Female Any
Meliora Better Female Any
Melodee Melody Female Any
Allegro Brisk tempo Female Any
Lyra Lyre Female Any
Seraphima Burning ones Female Any

Revealing Alia Bhatt Baby Name

Discover the much-anticipated baby name chosen by Bollywood star Alia Bhatt. Unveiling Alia Bhatt baby name and sharing the joyous news with fans. Stay updated on the latest celebrity baby naming trends and find out the unique name chosen by Alia Bhatt

Name Meaning Gender Religion
Aria Melody Male Any
Cadence Rhythm Male Any
Lyric Song-like Male Any
Rhapsody Epic composition Male Any
Harmony Musical balance Male Any
Melody Musical tune Male Any
Solo Single voice Male Any
Lyndon From the linden tree hill Male Any
Reed Red-haired Male Any
Bowie Yellow-haired Male Any
Hendrix Son of Hendrik Male Any
Cash Maker of chests Male Any
Lennon Lover Male Any
Marley Pleasant seaside meadow Male Any
Jagger Carter Male Any
Cobain Short-nosed Male Any
Presley From the priest’s meadow Male Any
Axel My father is peace Male Any
Mozart Woodcutter Male Any
Beethoven Beetroot farmer Male Any
Bach Stream Male Any
Chopin Shoemaker Male Any
Elvis All-wise Male Any
Dylan Son of the sea Male Any
Zappa Italian surname Male Any
Zeppelin Airship Male Any
Iggy Firey Male Any
Mercury Messenger Male Any
Ziggy Victorious peace Male Any
Santana Saint-like Male Any
Coltrane Dove Male Any
Django I awake Male Any
Miles Soldier Male Any
Quincy Estate of the fifth son Male Any
Otis Wealthy Male Any
Ray Counsellor Male Any
Stevie Crowned Male Any
Buddy Friend Male Any
Nat Gift of God Male Any
Marvin Famous friend Male Any
Curtis Courteous Male Any
Johnny God is gracious Male Any
Scott From Scotland Male Any
Frankie Free one Male Any

Bollywood’s beloved couple, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, have unveiled the name of their newly arrived daughter, Aria Kapoor. Sharing a heartwarming image of their precious bundle nestled in their loving embrace, Ranbir and Alia joyfully declared their newfound parenthood, a moment that resonated deeply with their admirers across various social media platforms.

Alia Bhatt baby
Alia Bhatt baby
Alia Bhatt baby

When is Alia Bhatt’s baby’s birthday?

Alia Bhatt’s baby’s birthday is on 6th November.

What time was Alia Bhatt’s baby born?

Alia Bhatt’s baby was born around 12:05 on 6th November.

Was Alia Bhatt’s baby delivered normally?

Alia Bhatt’s baby was not born normally.

Will Alia Bhatt’s baby have a Hindi name?

They have given their baby’s name ‘Aria Kapoor’

What is Alia Bhatt’s baby girl’s name?

Alia Bhatt’s baby girl’s name is ‘Aria Kapoor’

Is Alia Bhatt’s baby a boy or a girl?

Alia Bhatt’s baby is a Girl, named Aria Kapoor

Are Alia Bhatt’s twins born?

There is no information regarding Alia Bhatt having twins.