The Latest modern name for girls And Boys 2023

Discover the perfect modern name for girls that are both trendy and timeless. From unique and creative monikers to popular choices, explore a di

verse collection of contemporary modern names for your little one. Find inspiration and meaning in this curated selection of modern name for girls that reflect the spirit of the present while embracing the beauty of tradition.
Name Meaning Gender
Ava Life Female
Emma Universal Female
Olivia Olive tree Female
Isabella Devoted to God Female
Sophia Wisdom Female
Mia Mine Female
Charlotte Free Female
Amelia Work Female
Harper Harp player Female
Evelyn Beautiful bird Female
Abigail Father’s joy Female
Emily Industrious Female
Elizabeth God is my oath Female
Sofia Wisdom Female
Avery Elf ruler Female
Ella Beautiful fairy Female
Scarlett Red Female
Grace Grace Female
Chloe Blooming Female
Victoria Victory Female
Riley Valiant Female
Aria Air Female
Lily Lily Female
Zoey Life Female
Penelope Weaver Female
Layla Night Female
Nora Honor Female
Mila Gracious Female
Eleanor Shining light Female
Hannah Grace Female
Leah Weary Female
Hazel Hazelnut Female
Aurora Dawn Female
Lila Night Female
Lucy Light Female
Stella Star Female
Sarah Princess Female
Gabriella God is my strength Female
Skylar Eternal life Female
Violet Purple Female
Audrey Noble strength Female
Bella Beautiful Female
Brooklyn Water Female
Paisley Church Female
Savannah Treeless plain Female
Claire Bright, clear Female
Emilia Industrious Female
Genesis Birth Female
Kennedy Helmeted chief Female
Maya Water Female
Natalie The victory of the people Female
Zoe Life Female
Aaliyah Exalted, noble Female
Addison Son of Adam Female
Alexa Defender Female
Alice Noble Female
Alyssa Noble Female
Amy Beloved Female
Andrea Manly Female
Angelina Angelic Female
Anna Gracious Female
Ashley Ash tree Female
Aubrey Elf ruler Female
Autumn Fall season Female
Brianna Strong, virtuous Female
Brooke Small stream Female
Caitlyn Pure Female
Caroline Free Female
Cassidy Clever Female
Catherine Pure Female
Cecilia Blind Female
Chelsea Port of ships Female
Christina Follower of Christ Female
Daisy Day’s eye Female
Daniela God is my judge Female
Delilah Delicate, weak Female
Destiny Fate, fortune Female
Diana Divine Female
Eden Paradise Female
Elena Shining light Female
Eliza God is my oath Female
Erica Ever-ruler Female
Erin Peace Female
Eva Life Female
Faith Faith Female
Gabrielle God is my strength Female
Gianna God is gracious Female
Hailey Hay clearing Female
Haley Hay clearing Female
Hayley Hay clearing Female
Hope Hope Female
Isabel God is my oath Female
Jasmine Fragrant flower Female
Jennifer Fair one Female
Jessica God beholds Female
Jordan To flow down Female
Julia Youthful Female
Juliana Youthful Female
Juliet Youthful Female
Kailey Pure Female
Kaitlyn Pure Female
Kara Beloved Female
Karen Pure Female
Kate Pure Female
Katherine Pure Female
Kayla Pure Female
Kaylee Pure Female
Kelsey Brave Female
Kendall Valley of the River Female
Kimberly Ruler Female
Kylie Boomerang Female
Laura Laurel wreath Female
Lauren Laurel wreath Female
Lillian Lily Female
Lindsay Linden tree Female
Lydia From Lydia Female
Mackenzie Son of Coinneach Female
Madeline Woman from Magdala Female
Madison Son of Maud Female
Makayla Who is like God? Female
Maria Sea of bitterness Female
Mariah Of the sea Female
Mary Bitter Female
Megan Pearl Female
Melanie Dark Female
Melissa Honey bee Female
Michelle Who is like God? Female
Molly Bitter Female
Morgan Sea circle Female
Natasha Christmas child Female
Nevaeh Heaven spelled Female
Nicole Christmas Child Female
Paige Page Female
Peyton Noble Female
Rachel Ewe Female
Rebecca To bind Female
Samantha Listener Female
Serenity Calm, peaceful Female
Shelby Willow farm Female
Sierra Mountain range Female
Sophie Wisdom Female
Sydney Wide island Female
Taylor Tailor Female
Trinity Holy three Female
Valeria To be strong Female