100 Unique and Modern Hindu Baby girl names

Discover unique and meaningful modern Hindu baby names to bestow upon your little one. From traditional favorites to contemporary gems, explore

a diverse collection of names rooted in Hindu culture and rich in significance. Find the perfect name that resonates with your values and celebrates your heritage. Embrace the beauty and spirituality of Hindu traditions with our curated list of modern Hindu baby names.
Aelia Sun Female Roman
Alcmene Strong in battle Female Greek
Amaterasu Shining over heaven Female Japanese
Anahita Water goddess Female Persian
Aphrodite Goddess of love Female Greek
Artemis Goddess of the hunt Female Greek
Asherah Mother goddess Female Canaanite
Athena Goddess of wisdom Female Greek
Aurora Dawn Female Roman
Bastet Goddess of cats Female Egyptian
Brigid Goddess of fire Female Celtic
Ceres Goddess of agriculture Female Roman
Demeter Goddess of the harvest Female Greek
Diana Goddess of the moon Female Roman
Eirene Peace Female Greek
Freya Goddess of love and fertility Female Norse
Gaia Mother Earth Female Greek
Hathor Goddess of love and beauty Female Egyptian
Hera Queen of the gods Female Greek
Hestia Goddess of the hearth Female Greek
Inanna Queen of heaven Female Sumerian
Isis Goddess of magic Female Egyptian
Juno Queen of the heavens Female Roman
Kali Goddess of destruction Female Hindu
Lakshmi Goddess of wealth Female Hindu
Maat Goddess of truth and justice Female Egyptian
Minerva Goddess of wisdom Female Roman
Morrigan Goddess of war Female Celtic
Niamh Radiance Female Irish
Nike Goddess of victory Female Greek
Oya Goddess of winds Female Yoruba
Persephone Queen of the underworld Female Greek
Rhea Goddess of fertility Female Greek
Saraswati Goddess of knowledge Female Hindu
Selene Goddess of the moon Female Greek
Tara Star Female Hindu
Venus Goddess of love Female Roman
Vesta Goddess of the hearth Female Roman
Yemoja Goddess of the sea Female Yoruba
Antheia Goddess of flowers Female Greek
Ariadne Most holy Female Greek
Boudicca Victory Female Celtic
Branwen Beautiful raven Female Welsh
Calypso Concealment Female Greek
Cassandra Prophetess Female Greek
Daphne Laurel tree Female Greek
Eos Dawn Female Greek
Flora Goddess of flowers Female Roman
Gaea Earth Female Greek
Hecate Goddess of magic Female Greek
Hebe Goddess of youth Female Greek
Hel Goddess of the underworld Female Norse
Hermione Messenger Female Greek
Isolde Fair one Female Celtic
Jocasta Shining moon Female Greek
Kassandra Prophetess Female Greek
Leda Happy Female Greek
Luna Moon Female Roman
Medusa Cunning Female Greek
Mnemosyne Memory Female Greek
Nemesis Goddess of retribution Female Greek
Nyx Night Female Greek
Pandora All gifted Female Greek
Penelope Weaver Female Greek
Perse Destroyer Female Greek
Phoebe Bright Female Greek
Psyche Soul Female Greek
Rhiannon Great queen Female Welsh
Thalia Joyful Female Greek
Themis Divine law Female Greek
Xanthe Golden-haired Female Greek