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The Significance of Choosing an Islamic Name for Your BabyF names in Islamic

Islamic culture places great importance on names and their meanings. In fact, choosing a name for a child in Islam is considered a sacred and significant responsibility for parents.<


The name chosen for a child is believed to have a profound impact on their personality and identity.
The letter “F” is a common letter in Islamic names, and there are many beautiful and meaningful options to choose from. Parents who are looking for an Islamic name for their child starting with “F” have a variety of options to consider.
Overall, choosing an Islamic name starting with “F” is a meaningful and significant decision for parents. It is an opportunity to honor their faith and heritage, while also selecting a name that reflects their hopes and aspirations for their child’s future. By selecting a name that embodies values such as wisdom, strength, and independence, parents can set their children on a path toward a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Popular and Meaningful Islamic Names Starting with “F” for Babies

Name Meaning Gender
 Faaiza  Successful, name of a girl Girl
 Faaria  Pretty Girl
 Faatin  Clever;Smart Girl
 Faatina  Captivating Girl
 Faazila  Honest Girl
 Fabeha  Lucky, Fortunate Girl
 Fabia  Bean Farmer Girl
 Fadhiya  Gorgeous Girl
 Fadia  Redeemer Girl
 Fadila  Attractive Girl
 Fadiyah  Redeemer, Self Girl
 Fadwah derived from self Girl
 Fadyaa  Sacrificing Girl
 Faeezah  Leader, Successful Girl
 Faekah  Wise Girl
 Faghira  Jasmine flower Girl
 Fahima  Intelligent Girl
 Fahisa  Investigator Girl
 Fahra  Gift of God Girl
 Faima  Peacemaker Girl
 Fairuzah  A precious gem Girl
 Fais  Winner Girl
 Faisha  A blessing to all Girl
 Faiza  Gain Girl
 Faizah  Successful, feminine Girl
 Fajila  Cute Girl
 Fajr  Dawn Girl
 Fakeehah  Cheerful Girl
 Fakhirah  Elegant Girl
 Fakhra  Good, new Girl
 Fakhrun Nisa  The glory of the women Girl
 Fakihah  Fruit Girl
 Falak  Breeze Girl
 Falaki  Heavenly Girl
 Falaknaz  Sky Girl
 Falaq  Break of dawn Girl
 Faliha Successful Girl
 Falina  Fertile, Healthy Girl
 Falusha  Light Girl
 Famina  Lovely, Precious stone Girl
 Famiya  Princess Girl
 Famnaz  Merciful Girl
 Fareen  Wanderer Girl
 Farhin  Jubilant Happiness Girl
 Farwa  Fur, Soft Girl
 Fasna  Pretty, Young Girl
 Fawha  Breath of fragrance Girl
 Fayda  Plentiful Girl
 Fazia  Successful Girl