700 Amazing Muslim Boy Names Starting With F | फ से मुस्लिम लड़कों के नाम और अर्थ

Muslim Boy Names Starting With F

Muslim Boy Names Starting With F are a diverse collection of names that are given to baby boys by Muslim parents. These names are not only significant and meaningful but are also an

expression of the parent’s faith and culture.

In Islamic tradition, names hold great importance as they are believed to have an impact on the child’s character. Muslim boy names starting with F are no exception, with each name having its own unique meaning and significance.

Some popular Muslim boy names starting with F include Farhan, which means “happy” or “joyful”, and Faisal, which means “judge” or “decider”. Other popular names include Fahad and Feroz, which.

Many Muslim boy names starting with F have roots in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu languages. They often have a poetic quality to them, with beautiful sounds and elegant meanings. Some of these names are also influenced by Islamic history, with names like Farid, meaning “unique” or “precious”, and Farouk, meaning “differentiator” or “one who distinguishes between truth and falsehood”, being popular choices.

When selecting a Muslim boy name starting with F, parents may consider factors such as the name’s meaning, pronunciation, and cultural significance. They may also look to their religious and cultural traditions for inspiration.

Overall, Muslim boy names starting with F offer a rich selection of meaningful and significant names for Muslim parents looking to name their baby boy.

Muslim Boy Names Starting With F and Their Meanings

Name Meaning Gender
Faadhil  A generous personality Boy
Faahim  Intelligent, One who thinks Boy
Faaiz  Successful Boy
Faakhir  Proud, Excellent Boy
Faakih Finny, humorous Boy
Faareh A happy person Boy
Faarih happy, prosperous Boy
Faaris  Horseman, knight Boy
Faarooq He who distinguishes Boy
Faateer One who thinks of new ideas Boy
Faateh A victorious leader Boy
Faatih victorious Boy
Faatir One who makes joy in life Boy
Fadel  Honorable Boy
Fadhil An honorable personality Boy
Fadhl  gracious and Giving Boy
Fadi  Saviour Boy
Fadil  Generous, honorable Boy
Fadl  Outstanding, Honourable, Boy
Fadl Ullah  The excellence Boy
Fadlallah Favor of Allah Boy
Fadlullah The excellence of God Boy
Fadri who rules in peace Boy
Fady  Sacrificer, Saviour Boy
Faeem Famed Boy
Faeq  Surpassing, Excellent Boy
Faghir  A Flower Name Boy
Fahad   Panther Boy
Fahd Fierce, Panther, Brave Boy
Faheel Good ancestry Boy
Faheem  Understanding, Keen to learn Boy
Fahham Very Intelligent Boy
Fahid Variant Of Fahd- Panther Boy
Fahim Intelligent, Scholar Boy
Fahimuddin  Practical attitude in life Boy
Fahis Investigator Boy
Fahm Intellect Boy
Fahmeed To Intellect Boy
Fahmi  The intelligent, Arabic word Boy
Fahmidah Intelligent, Boy
Fahyim Very Boy
Faid  Benefit, Advantage Boy
Faidh Superabundance, Favor Boy
Faiq  Outstanding Boy
Fairoze Turquoise. Precious Stone Boy
Fairuz Victorious, fortunate Boy
Faisa One who takes bold decisions Boy
Faisal  Resolute, Decisive Boy
Faiyaz  Artistic Boy
Faiz  Gain Boy
Faiz E Rabbani Possessing divine surplus. Boy
Faizaan Grace, Boy
Faizal  One who is decisive Boy
Faizan   Beneficence, Generosity Boy
Faizeen  Honest Boy
Faizi Endowed with superabundance. Boy
Faizul Anwar The abundance of light or graces. Boy
Faizullah Abundance from Allah. Boy
Fajaruddin light of the religion Boy
Fajr Daybreak, Dawn Boy
Fakeeh Cheerful Boy
Fakhara Generous ruler Boy
Fakher PRIDE Boy
Fakhir  Excellent Boy
Fakhiri Honorary, proudness Boy
Fakhitah A dove Boy
Fakhr  Pride, Proud Boy
Fakhri Glory Boy
Fakhruddin Pride Of Religion Boy
Fakhrul  Proud Boy
Fakhry Honorary Boy
Fakih Legal expert, one who recites the Quran Boy
Fakir Proud Boy
Fakruddin Emperor Boy
Falah  Success Boy
Falak The Sky Boy
Falex One who protects his people Boy
Falih fortunate, Boy
Faliq Creator Boy
Fallou Independent personality Boy
Fani Free Boy
Faoz Success, Boy
Faqeed Rare, Boy
Faqeeh Jurist, Boy
Faqeer Poor. Sufi Mendicant. Boy
Faqih jurist Boy
Faqir Poor, Boy
Faraan Happy, please Boy
Faraaz Variant Of Faraz- Elevation Boy
Faradis Paradise, Firdaus Boy
Farag Variant Of Faraj- Cure Boy
Farahan Gladly, Cheerfully Boy
Faraj  Cure Boy
Farak Difference Boy
Farman order, Boy
Faran  Happy, Advances Boy
Faraq Variant Of Farouk- Truth Boy
Farasat Keen Eye, Discernment Boy
Faraz  Ascent, height Boy